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2022.11.07 14:07
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Naturschutz, OpenDocument, Schutzgebiet, Nationalparks Austria, Binnengewässer
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This report provides an overview of the zoological results produced in the year after the second week of spring at the NP Gesäuse (01.-05.07.2008). They refer to 23 sources as well as material collected from selected sources in 2004-2007 by Erich Weigand (Benthos Collections 2004, Emergence Trap Material 2004-2007). The entire material comprises about 30,000 individuals (Benthos coarse material without Acari: 1,700; Benthos fine material without Acari: 13,000; Acari made of coarse and fine material: 2,500; Kescher catches: 5,000; Catches of Emergence: 8.000). Parallel to this project, the NP Gesäuse supports the processing of stilts (Limoniidae) as well as stone flies (Plecoptera), single-day flies (Ephemeroptera) and quiver flies (Trichoptera). Results from these studies are partly included here. In recent months, the evaluation focused on the meiofauna (small crabs, water mites). Complete faunistic data are now available for flea crabs (Amphipoda), Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera (case material, collections 2007/2008). The Mollusca have been partially processed, results for the Bivalvia will be available soon. Several families of flies and mosquitoes are at different stages of processing according to current knowledge, nine species have been detected for the first time in Austria; the relatively small beetle yield is processed with the 2009 collection. One-day flies of the genus Baetis from the spring week 2008 were genetically studied by M. Monaghan (Berlin). Within species B. alpinus, a strong genetic diversity was found, from the B. rhodani group a previously unknown genetic group (type?). Sequencing of material from other genera (Ecdyonurus, Rhithrogena) is planned in the near future.
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