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2022.11.07 16:38
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Gesellschaft, OpenDocument, Naturschutz, Schutzgebiet, Nationalparks Austria
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Introductory thoughts: One must have learned a lot to be able to ask about what you don't know, said the writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau. We see it in the same way: Information is the cornerstone of the ability to ask the right and important questions. This is the only way to get on (in life). Moving forward is our motto. Towards education, knowledge and sustainability. The claim is high for this reason by.blick.contact with nothing less than the most valuable protected areas in the country: the six Austrian national parks. Didactic materials have an image problem. They often seem bulky and practical. We wanted to counter these allegations and therefore decided to tie up a compact potpourri of methods, techniques, tricks and worth knowing and put all this in a demanding shell. Pupils should be interested in going out, wanting to discover, feel and experience and learn in a pleasant way, which is why it is important to protect and preserve nature. The six national parks depend on the commitment, zeal and commitment of children and young people so that the protected areas can be preserved in the long term and also for future generations. The Austrian national parks are as diverse as the species and topographical characteristics they host. From high alpine mountain landscapes including alpine ibex and beard vultures to dense forests with lynxes and salamanders to steppe and salt varnishes including grey geese and unique flora, this small country offers a fulminant variety of natural treasures. But precisely this circumstance presented us with the biggest challenge with regard to the completion of by.blick.kontakt: It was necessary to find a methodical red guide that keeps all national parks together and thus conveys nature and environmental protection in a pedagogically valuable and meaningful way. We hope that we have succeeded in wishing lots of pleasure and joy with the teaching materials, National Parks Austria Public Relations 2012-2014 National Parks Austria Public Relations 2012-2014, Vienna 2014. Edition: 1000 pieces. Reserve all rights
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