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2022.11.07 14:15
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Naturschutz, Nationalparks Austria, Gesellschaft, OpenDocument, Schutzgebiet
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Nature and nature experiences play an increasingly important role in our society. The school’s task is not only to support them, but to convey a positive, appreciative attitude of the students towards nature and the environment and to promote their environmental awareness. In the course of this scientific work, based on the principles of nature and cultural interpretation, a new concept of the Lettmair Au theme trail was planned in the Gesäuse National Park. This new concept is not a mere transfer of knowledge, but aims at a sustainable awareness of visitors. The preceded theoretical part deals with the basic content of extracurricular learning places and education for sustainable development (GNI). In addition, the interpretation of nature and culture, as well as the basics about themed paths are presented. Next to a general geographical location, a survey of the actual situation by means of photo documentation and participating observation is carried out in Chapter 5.1, and the redesign of the thematic pathway Lettmair Au is presented. Under the main guiding idea No element characterises the forest as much as water: The various stations are elaborated with a focus on the basic considerations of nature and culture interpretation. In addition, important facts are given, which can be used for guidance in a guided tour. A curriculum analysis of the subjects biology and geography and environmental studies points to possible points of reference between teaching content and those of the thematic pathway. The final part deals with the content of the individual stations and will in future be used as basic literature for guided tours by teachers or national park employees. In addition, the Conclusion addresses further issues and future development opportunities. Nature and nature experience play an increasingly important role in our society. The task of schools is not only to support this, but also to convey a positive, appreciative attitude towards nature and to promote the environmental awareness of pupils. This scientific paper refers to a re-conception of the educational trail Lettmair Au in Gesäuse National Park. Based on the principles of Interpretation by Freeman Tilden, the interpretive trail is designed to not only transfer knowledge, but also sensitise people for the importance of nature and their environment. The preceding part of thesis includes the history of non-formal education and a definition, in addition to information on education for sustainable development. Also included are the basics of Interpretation and themed trails, followed by basic knowledge on the alluvial forest Lettmair Au and Gesäuse National Park. Chapter 5.1 summarises the findings of a photo documentation and a participant observation. Subsequently, the new concept for the interpretive trail is presented and the main theme: No element characterises alluvial forests as much as water: source of life creator designer destroyer. Also included are important facts for each station, which served as guidance for tours. A curriculum analysis of the subjects biology and geography and environmental studies points out possible links between teaching contents and those of the educational trail. The final part includes in-depth knowledge on each station and can be used as manual for guided tours by teachers as well as national park employees. The conclusion provides additional questions and refers to future development strategies.
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