Policy paper on the use of telemetry in wild birds in Austria

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2022.11.07 16:35
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Version 1.0 February 2021 This document is intended to provide recommendations for the sending of wild birds in Austria and to serve as a guideline for the actors and authorities involved in the approval or implementation of projects with broadcasters. It was developed in cooperation by a number of institutions and people familiar with the subject (see list at the end of the document). Should future gains of knowledge require an adaptation of the recommendations, the last valid version shall be used. This is available on the websites of the Austrian Orbital Observatory and BirdLife Austria. Supporting Institutions: Austrian Ornithological Centre (AOC), BirdLife Austria, WWF Austria, EGS Haringsee, International Avian Research, Wilderness Area Dürrenstein, Vogelsammlung/Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle Grünau/Almtal. Technical processing: Hans-Martin Berg (Vogelsammlung/Naturhistorisches Museum Wien), Dr. Hans Frey (EGS Haringsee), Prof. Dr. Leonida Fusani (AOC), PD Dr. Anita Gamauf (Vogelsammlung/Naturhistorisches Museum Wien), DI Dr. Christoph Leditznig (Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein), Dr. Ivan Maggini (AOC), Dr. Mike McGrady (International Avian Research), Mag. Christian Pichler (WWF), Dr. Remo Probst (BirdLife Austria), Priv.-Doz. Dr. Swen Renner (Bird Collection/Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna), Mag. Matthias Schmidt (BirdLife Austria), Dr. Petra Sumasgutner (Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle Grünau/Almtal), Dr. Wolfgang Vogl (AOC), Ao. Prof. Dr. Hans Christoph Winkler (AOC), Dr. Richard Zink (AOC) Citation suggestion: Schmidt, M., Vogl, W., Berg, H. M., Frey, H., Gamauf, A., Leditznig, C., Maggini, I., McGrady, M., Pichler, C., Probst, R., Renner S., Sumasgutner, P., Winkler, H. C., Zink, R. & Fusani L. (2021): Policy paper on the use of telemetry on wild birds in Austria. Austrian Ornithological Centre (AOC) and BirdLife Austria, Vienna, 12 pp.
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