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2022.11.07 13:44
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Biologie, Schutzgebiet, OpenDocument, Nationalparks Austria, Naturschutz
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One of the primary objectives of this subproject was to clarify the development and description of a common path between the large landowners (Austrian Federal Forestry, Styrian Forestry, Agriculture and Forestry of the City of Vienna) in the pilot region and framework conditions for a vibrant network on whiteback woodpecker. Based on this, concrete implementation measures can be taken on the surface as a result. As the largest landowner in the pilot region, protection measures at the Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf) are an important lever for an implementation project with the aim of connecting habitats. For this reason, special emphasis was placed on the involvement of the employees. You should understand the considerations and backgrounds of the project and take recommendations for the protection of whiteback woodpecker in the forest day-to-day life. On the basis of the modelled hit probability (KAMMERER 2011), randomly selected areas should be examined ornithologically and forested. On the one hand, the model of the probability of hit can be checked and subsequently improved. Furthermore, the most efficient measures can be developed through on-site discussions on forest construction and ornithological issues together with experts from both departments. Subsequently, forest assessments for these areas should be carried out in the sense of a compensation payment. Areas of the ÖBf, which are potentially eligible as biodiversity islands, are to be mapped. An essential point in nature conservation activities is generally the preparation of the relevant information for other stakeholders in the region. In the context of this subproject, information material was also developed in concrete case a folder — for potential partners in the region. In personal discussions with representatives of the Styrian Forestry and the Agriculture and Forestry Company of the City of Vienna (MA 49), the motivation of the subproject and the possibilities for participation in a protection initiative of these two companies were developed.
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