Summer habitat use of the Alpine snow chicken (Lagopus mutus helveticus) at Zinödl (National Park Gesäuse)

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2022.11.07 13:41
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Nationalparks Austria, Biologie, Naturschutz, Schutzgebiet, OpenDocument
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Diploma thesis at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz In the Gesäuse National Park, stock surveys of the Alpine snow chicken were carried out at the Zinödl in mid-June 2006. An ecological density of 9.1 taps/km was recorded on an area of 1.32 km. From the beginning of September to mid-October 2005 and from June to July 2006, grid mapping was carried out using 100 x 100 m grid squares. The discovery rate of indirect evidence in a total of 132 grid squares was 81.06 %. Statistically documented correlations were detected with the Kruskal and Valais test and the Spearman ranking correlation analysis between the solution found in a grid square and the proportion of dwarf shrubs/Polsterrasen, the proportion of woods, sea level and vegetation height. Logistical regression showed a dependency on the variable solution finding with the parameters of Earth, proportion of dwarf shrubs/Polsterrasen, share of rock, sea height and vegetation height. From the vegetation composition collected from aerial images, the ranking correlation according to Spearman and the Kruskal and Valais test showed a correlation between the solution found and the proportion of grass/grain, proportion of bushes/shrubs (needle forest), proportion of rubble/göll medium and the proportion of rock/stone wall in a grid square. The logistical regression resulted in only one dependency from the proportion of turf/grass. No link could be found regarding exposure and slope inclination. The available results are based on the terrain conditions. Based on the results available, a habitat model was developed to evaluate the summer habitat use of the Alpine snow chicken. The model appears, both in the calculation with the variable dwarf shrubs/Polsterrasen and with the variable turf/pasture collected in the GIS, to give very good representation of the suitability of the study area. In both cases, the area was almost entirely classified as a habitat very suitable for the Alpine snow chicken. With regard to summer and winter tourism, no disturbances affecting the habitat use of the Alpine snow chicken could be identified. Due to the location of the solution finds and the previous hiking trails and ski routes, there was therefore no need to take any measures to guide visitors. However, monitoring of possible disturbing factors affecting the snow chicken population over the next few years is essential. This is the only way to put in place targeted management measures in a timely manner in case of negative effects, which enable natural gentle tourism and thus ensure long-term conservation and habitat conservation of wild species in the mountainous countryside.
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