The breeding bird fauna of the Ebnesangeralm

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2022.11.07 13:41
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Biologie, Naturschutz, Nationalparks Austria, OpenDocument, Schutzgebiet
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Only a small number of species could be detected on the Ebnesangeralm — presumably due to the small examination area with almost 20 ha and the relatively late ascents. Compared to the other alpine pastures studied, there are no observations of Alpine brownelle, caper chicken, brook stilts, mountain fowls, mountain pieper, birch cricket, birch chicken, colored and three-tone woodpecker, acorn hazelnut, spruce cross beak, mountain stilt, grey woodpecker, hazel-huhn, dome, house red tail, Kleiber, Kolkrabe, Cuckoo, Black Woodpecker, Singdrossel, Summer Gold Chicken, Steinschmätzer, Turmfalke, Forest Tree Runner, Water Amsel and Zeisig, where occurrences of mountain stilts, birch zizig, Spechten, Singdrossel, Forest Tree Runner, Water Amsel and Zeisig cannot be excluded. The cuckoo was found only on the Scheucheggalm and is rare in the area. The stone scabber also occurs only in very low densities in the Gesäuse. Turmeric falcon and colkrabe are to be expected as food guests.
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