Visitor guidance in sensitive habitats of the Gesäuse National Park using the example of flowing waters

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2022.11.07 14:14
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OpenDocument, Naturschutz, Gesellschaft, Schutzgebiet, Nationalparks Austria
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Flowing waters are highly attractive for the exercise of recreational and recreational uses. Natural river landscapes develop a great attraction to visitors and are therefore the target of many activities. Especially in summer, recreational and recreational uses can have a critical impact on the existence of endangered Have wildlife, plants and their habitats. It is necessary to know information on the recreational use of flowing waters for the visitor control measures of recreational and protected areas in order to be able to take them into account in the future in the flowing water management and the planning of visitor steering measures. By applying for a tourist area with its natural nature and beauty as well as its species richness, there can be a conflict of goals. While the presentation of nature in the tourist context should also lead to the creation and development of awareness and acceptance of protective measures, the presence of recreational seekers can have a negative impact on the protection goals. These can develop, for example, by disrupting sensitive species or by tread damage to sensitive vegetation (Back Partner/Engineering Companies, 2016). In this thesis, the behaviour of visitors in the Gesäuse National Park, Austria on the flowing waters of Enns and Johnsbach was documented from June to August 2018 and a visitor survey was conducted. In the context of the survey, both the acceptance of the visitor’s guidance, as well as the applicable rules of conduct, as well as general Ask for background information about the area’s visit. The results of the work show that the majority of respondents have a positive impression of the Gesäuse National Park. The evaluations of the survey show a very positive attitude of visitors to the national park. Despite low awareness of disturbances, the visitors follow the visitor regulations, behave calmly and respectfully when your leisure activities on the protected environment. The visitor steering measures minimise negative effects in sensitive habitats of the Gesäuse National Park, while ensuring the greatest possible recovery and quality of experience on the flowing waters.
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