Wild ecological inventory and risk analysis for wild game related to winter tourism in the Gstatterbodener Kessel

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2022.11.07 13:41
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Schutzgebiet, OpenDocument, Naturschutz, Biologie, Nationalparks Austria
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Through the Gstatterbodener Kessel a ski tour with few variants leads via the Ennstaler Hütte to the Tamischbach Tower (2 035 m).There is essentially only one route for the ascent, in addition to a main descent there are some variants. The Gstatterbodener Kessel is reached on a long, flat approach via forest roads through the Weißenbachgraben and further through the Klausgraben. The tour to the Tamischbach Tower is sometimes challenging and not accessible in all weather conditions. The ascent is partly characterised by the summer marking. In recent years, no significant increase in ski tourers has been observed. In the Gstatterbodener Kessel, a deer deposit has been observed up to approx. to the stone murals for decades. For several years, up to 5 balzende taps have been counted there. The former birch deer deposits above the stone walls have already been pushed back strongly by overgrown pastures. The area offers a largely good habitat for auer deer. As part of the visitor steering concept for the national park, a ski tour steering concept was developed for this area at the beginning of 2006. In parallel with this elaboration and implementation, the habitat situation for avian deer in winter and the possible area of activity of tourism use will now be covered. In addition to the environmental assessment, proposals should be made for possible improvements in order to reduce concerns and impairments for wild game as far as possible. In addition to the surveys, the area was carried out together with representatives of the National Forest and National Park to define ski touring routes that would both cover the habitat needs of capers and remain interesting for ski tourers.
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