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The model calculations provide a nationwide overview of the depth of ground water in the period 1/1 1990-31/12 2019 in a resolution of 100x100 meters. The modelling calculations can be used to screen how close to ground groundwater is in a given area and for a number of statistical sizes. The depth of ground water is available as a time series, among other things as daily, monthly and annual time steps for the period 1/1 1990-31/12 2019. A number of statistically processed products have been prepared and selected in close dialogue with users. There are no model calculations for Læsø, Endelave, Tunø, Samsø, Anholt, Æbleø, Vejrø and Christiansø. In areas where the modelled depth to the ground level near the ground is above ground, the depth is, by default, 0 metres below ground level. This has been done on the basis of the assumption that these are local Artesian conditions which the model does not take into account. There may be abrupt falls in depth to ground water from one day to the next. The reason is model technical. The model has been designed and calibrated with a focus on overall regional conditions and the model calculations can therefore not be expected to be directly applicable to solve local-specific problems. Modelling should be used primarily for screening. The use of modelling shall always be assessed individually for any task in relation to the nature of the task and what detail and precision are required, but data can be used as a basic basis together with other available data. The modelling calculations (from 100 m DK model) are useful for climate adaptation, as planning and prioritisation tool for urban planning etc., dimensioning of water infrastructure, design of drainage systems, etc., assessment of flood risk from groundwater and rivers, river and groundwater management. Climate-resilient risk assessment for soil and groundwater pollution and in relation to agriculture. In cities/close settlements, at major transport facilities, in areas close to the coast and complex geological conditions, uncertainty on modelled depth to ground-line groundwater may be greater.
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