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2020.05.04 00:00
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The Nature and Open Air Map is initiated by GeoDanmark and developed in a collaboration between the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE), the Danish municipalities, the Nature Agency and several associations, in order to get a new and common map, as a reference for experiences in nature. The Nature and Open Air Map makes it easy for municipalities and other public authorities to communicate activities in nature by complementing their own local nature themes. The map has a general focus on natural areas and the information needed to orient yourself in, or plan activities in nature. The card is designed for and targeted for use on screen. It’s easy to use for planning at home and to bring into nature, e.g. on your smartphone. Visualisation on different scales The map contains different information on different scales. A lot of information on the large scales and get information on the smaller scales. The map can thus be used to create an overview of larger natural areas or as a retail map for e.g. a walk in the forest. Get an overview (1:500,000-1:2.500.000) The small scales are designed for overall orientation. The map contains cities, city names and major roads, i.e. information that makes it possible to get an overview of natural areas of interest. Low planning (1:50.000-1:500,000) The middle scales are designed for planning transport to the natural area, where the user must be able to find out, for example, whether it is best to cycle, drive by car or use public transport to reach the desired destination. As a starting point for outdoor activities, the road network, route and exit numbers and train stations are highlighted. See details (1:6.500-1:50:000) The large scales are designed for planning or executing the activity itself. In these scales, the focus is therefore on the elements of the landscape that are typically relevant to navigate when the user moves in nature. It is e.g. paths, churches, high-voltage lines, windmills or the like. In this scale, several road names and usage limits are added to make it easier for the user to find their way.
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