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2020.12.01 00:00
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Dataset description

The screen map is a multi-scalable card designed to display relevant data in different scales on a screen. The card is typically used as background cards for other data in different web applications, both public and private. The screen card is a background card for affixing own information for use online. It is simple in the term and with a sufficient amount of information to be used as an overview card. The map contains 13 scale steps allowing zooming from street level (1: 750) to national level (1: 3.000.000). The Skærmkort consists of data from GeoDanmark and Danske Stedname. The data content is designed for each step so that much information is displayed in the innermost steps and less information in the extreme steps. For example, the most detailed scale includes all buildings, roads and road names, while the extreme scales consist mainly of information that makes it possible to get an overview and navigate the map. In the extreme scales, data are simplified and therefore shown with fewer details. The grid map is provided in three different terms and is among the most commonly used spatial data products in Denmark. The classical screen card has strong colours, focusing on roads and road names. The dashed and grey versions of the screen are more neutral background cards that are suitable for combining with their own data so that they appear clearly on the card. The screen card is displayed both as WMS and WMTS. The WMTS version is mainly used in web applications and is characterised by faster response times than WMS. If you want to zoom far into a web application, we recommend using a mix of WMTS and WMS web services. For example, transition to WMS can be used if there is a need to zoom in to display individual buildings. If you need to print the Sign Card, you can use the layers in the WMS web service called _print. In addition, it is possible to download the classic Summary Card in Tiff format in 127 DPI.
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